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Have you ever thought about the many uses of this amazing square? The bandana can be used as a sweat band, snot rag (gross), head covering, dog bling, a cooler downer, blind fold, tourniquet, cold compress, splint binder, etc. In the camp kitchen and minus the snot, a bandana can be used as a coffee filter, hot mitt, place mat, colander, dish cloth, napkin. And lastly, given our current state, the bandana can be folded and used as a face mask. Consider bringing this trusty adventure companion with you on both your urban and outdoor adventures.

  • made and printed in USA
  • Art by Santa Cruz artist Alex Czech
  • Colors navy, grey, and wine are 100% cotton
  • Chambray is 50% cotton and 50% poly / chambray and is not made in USA
  • Sold in a 3 pack for $25.00