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A family living in Kauai, HI set out to give their children perspective on how the majority of the world lives. They lived in Kenya for an extended time to learn a new culture and they quickly fell in love with the people.

As they built friendships, they became aware of the youth that had repeated eighth grade three times since they couldn't afford the fees associated with high school. Other teens were working the fields instead of attending school. This just didn't seem fair to the Morgan family.

While they lived in rural Kenya, the family began sponsoring youth with educational scholarships by asking friends and family to cover five teens' school fees. That in 2015 and today the Morgan family has created One Life to Give, a non-profit that is committed to helping as many youth as possible with school fees in developing countries. One Life to Give has added many more students to their program and has the only library available to youth in Rongo, Kenya.

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Proceeds from this Shaka go to One Life to Give.

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