The Pottery

Pickle Pottery is created with high fire clay and high quality glazes.  The graphic blue designs are each a hand painted under glaze. A luster glaze is used for the exquisite gold and white pieces. Every cup is food safe.

"My pieces embrace a Wabi Sabi aesthetic," says creator, Stephanie Adams. "They are beautiful because they are handmade and imperfect."

The Artist

Stephanie Adams works in her studio in Nevada City, California. First drawn into the ceramics shop in high school, she felt it was a safe place for a shy, young artist. Stephanie has taken years to develop her unique style of simple shapes and clean designs.

"I love ceramics because I love the process," she says. "It is meditational for me to throw on the wheel and the blue designs take me a long time to paint which is soothing. . . a bit Zenlike."