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The intention, dedication and journey of this necklace are up to you.

My goal for this project was to create something that not only held meaning for me but could also do the same for you. When you receive the necklace consider setting an intention for yourself and or a dedication to someone then attach and journey on.

The Details:

  • Made in collaboration with Samoti Studio
  • Designed and assembled in Santa Cruz California
  • Made from recycled brass in Bali
  • Sterling silver clasp
  • Waxed cotton cord is strong, durable and will not fray
  • Pendant size: 0.955 in. 24.26 mm (quarter coin)
  • Length of cord 20 inches making it a fit and length for all
  • Made with the intention to surf, ride, walk, run, hike, swim, and journey in
  • Care: brass naturally will patina and can be easily brought back to it's original shine with a buffing cloth, toothpaste (no joke), or a natural brass cleaner.
  • Please allow 7-10 days for delivery as they are made with care as ordered

Design Insights:

  • The design was originally designed with the horizon lines straight in 2016. Last year my friend Kati added the lines on the right of the horizon lines to represent land. A very simple addition I know, but those simple lines will live on forever and represent the time I had with Kati. This is why this project holds special meaning to me.

I wear mine in dedication and memory of my friend Kati Cesareo. Kati recently lost her heroic battle with cancer. Kati was an amazing human that shined brighter than the sun itself. I will journey on for Kati with the intention to shine bright in the good times and shine even brighter in the bad with kindness for myself and all those around me. 

Who will you journey on for? What will your intention be?